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The Deep Listening Institute Bay Area (DLIBA) is a program of the Deep Listening Institute. The purpose of DLIBA is to provide a platform for supporting new work in the San Francisco Bay Area. DLIBA wishes to provide a context for new work through community building.

The formation of DLIBA (then called Pauline Oliveros Foundation Bay Area, POFBA) was announced by Pauline Oliveros on November 12, 2000, at the Oakland home of Wendy Burch. This culminated over three years of planning and organization. DLIBA is the second regional program of the Deep Listening Institute, after DLI Houston.

Obtaining Grants via DLIBA

Artists may make proposals to the DLI Board of Directors. Proposals that are consistent and resonant with the DLI mission are considered for sponsorship. With approval of the DLI Board of Directors, artists may submit the proposals to granting organizations, using the tax exempt status of DLI (a 510(c)(3) non-profit organization). This status allows access to a larger variety of grants, including funds that are restricted to California organizations. DLI administers funds, and assists with the final reports, and charges an administrative fee of 5% of the project budget. Artists are responsible for all aspects of their projects.



Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. hosted a 70th birthday concert, award ceremony and reception for Stuart Dempster

Friday July 7, 2006 from 7:00 to10:00pm Hillside Club 2286 Cedar St, in Berkeley CA.

Stuart Dempster performed solo works and his ensemble music with the Cornelius Cardew Choir, the Didjeridu Ensemble along with Bay Area Deep Listeners.

Kathrynn Lyle's new chamber opera, Mary, is sponsored by DLIBA. The opera is currently under development, with workshop performances planned for 2006. Lauren Hewitt is the librettist for this work, adapted from the book Dear Miye, Letters Home from Japan 1939-1946 by Mary Kimoto Tomita. For more information, see the Mary web site.
Pauline Oliveros Retrospective Concerts
Sounding the Margins DLIBA, in collaboration with Meridian Music: Composers in Performance presented: Sounding The Margins: A Retrospective of the Music of Pauline Oliveros.

The concerts and events were held on May 31; Saturday, June 1; and Sunday, June 2, 2002 at the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre and Dolores Park in San Francisco.

For more information, see

The DLIBA Artists' Group
The DLIBA Artists' Group is an activity of DLIBA volunteers. The group meets monthly for social interaction and music-making. Attendance is open to everyone, regardless of musical ability and training.
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