Artists' Group Meeting, August 2001

Meeting Report

The August meeting of the Artists' Group was held on August 5, 2001 from 3:00 until the wee hours of the evening at the home of Nancy Beckman. In attendace were Nancy Beckman, Tom Bickley, Brad Fischer, Philip Gelb, Marianne McDonald, Lisa Mischke, Una Nakamura, Katherine Setar, Toyoji Tomita, and a lot of Nancy's friends. Pictures of the meeting are available.

This event served a dual purpose: in addition to being the monthly meeting of the POFBA Artists' Group, this was also Nancy Beckman's last party before she moves into her new residence in Sebastopol. (By the way, this was a terrific party! Thanks, Nancy.)

The meeting and party consisted of a pot luck dinner, group discussion, and several lengthy group soundings with both POFBA members and "uninitiated Deep Listeners" (Nancy's friends).

An encapsulation of the salient points of the discussion are as follows.

  1. Philip Gelb announced his progress on the retrospective concert series for Pauline's seventieth birthday in 2002. The concert series will definitely take place, and currently consists of performances over a three-day period. The retrospective will include works from all of Pauline's style periods (traditional, theatrical, electronic, meditations, and interactive/improvisational), is to include both solo and ensemble works, and will feature performances by Pauline and her two Bay-Area ensembles (The Space Between and The Circle Trio).
  2. Katherine Setar announced that she will give a presentation at the September 9 POFBA Artists' Group meeting. The presentation will describe the contents of the Pauline Oliveros Archive at the University of California, San Diego, which contains of all of Pauline's works from the 1950s through the early 1980s. Katherine has examined all of the archive's written contents as a part of her doctoral research, and would make available her collection of printed scores, manuscript copies, and notes which describe Pauline's many compositions. The presentation will consist of a brief survey of Pauline's style periods, with a special emphasis given to her live electronic pieces using tape delay and her works for dancers.

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